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Our company’s business license was established in January 2018, and the account opening license was legally processed. Since the company and the brand were founded, we have won many honors. In 2019, we won the "AAA Credit Enterprise". Honorable title, and was awarded by the China Famous Brand Strategic Cooperation Committee and the China Brand Investigation and Evaluation Center; in April 19, we received the safety production standardization certificate issued by the China Quality Certification Supervision and Management Center and the China Enterprise Credit Evaluation Center;

In October 202, the U-select U-product cross-border e-commerce product selection platform awarded our platform the honorary title of "Cross-border E-commerce Gold Service Provider". In March 2020, our website won the communication issued by the China Association of Communications Enterprises. Network agent maintenance enterprise qualification certificate and so on.

Since the establishment of this brand, we have focused on product research and development, striving to improve product quality and safety, aiming to bring customers a better product experience and sincere service!